The history, status, and future of RQC

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History of the RQC initiative

Story told by Lutz Prechelt.

1997-2010: Early impulse (but to no avail)

2012-2016: From idea to proof-of-concept

2017-2023: RQC for journals

History of the RQC software implementation

Story told by Lutz Prechelt.

2012-2013: RQCconf prototype

2015-2016: RQC-for-conferences

2017-2021: RQC-for-journals

2022-2023: Consolidation and first MHS adapter

Current status of the RQC software implementation

To understand the current implementation status, you can either look at the past steps above and the next steps below and deduce the frontier between them. Or you look at the short summary on the homepage or at the summary in the FAQs

Future of the RQC initiative

Future of the RQC software implementation

Many small changes and improvements will be made to the software frequently for a long time. The larger pending improvement steps are the following, but development capacity is small and irregular, so there are no scheduled dates for any of this.

1a. OJS adapter and API trial phase

Once OJS becomes the first MHS to support RQC, an API trial phase will begin, where (possibly) changes to the API may be made.

1b. RQC for journals and publishers

The proper, non-demomode variant of RQC-for-journals may be finished and released before, during, or after the above.

2. RQC for research institutions

3. ...and then some

Later, there will be several extensions of the core functionality of RQC that will provide additional benefits.

Expect news about RQC for a long time.

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