The history, status, and future of RQC

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History of the RQC initiative

Story told by Lutz Prechelt.







History of the RQC software implementation

Story told by Lutz Prechelt.










Future of the RQC initiative

Future of the RQC software implementation

Many small changes and improvements will be made to the software frequently for a long time. The larger pending improvement steps are the following, but development capacity is small and irregular, so there are no scheduled dates for any of this.

1. RQC manuscript handling system API

The main reason why RQC starts with conferences is that it is simpler:

For journals, the manuscript handling systems will need to tell RQC what happens wrt reviewing so RQC can handle those episodes.
For that, RQC needs to provide an API (application programming interface), a well-documented and publicly available set of operations that can be called over the network via HTTP.

To make RQC available to journals, the providers of the manuscript handling systems need to extend their software to call the RQC API. (Getting them to do that will likely be one of the most difficult aspects of achieving large-scale RQC adoption.)

Such an API needs to be very well thought-out, because it cannot be changed often -- the providers of the manuscript handling systems would not like that.
Therefore, we will need a playground for trying it out and making it sound and stable. This playground will be OJS, an Open Source manuscript handling system used by many Open Access journals.

2. API trial phase

Next are a number of trial uses with journals using OJS in order to validate and perfect the API.

3. RQC for journals and publishers

Only then does it make sense to actually roll out the API. Until the providers of the manuscript handling systems have implemented their use of the API, there is time to build the remaining parts of the journal and publisher functionality.

4. RQC for research institutions

5. ...and then some

Later, there will be several extensions of the core functionality of RQC that will provide additional benefits.

Expect news about RQC for a long time.

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